Press Coverage.


The Atlantic, September 28, 2011. Paul Epstein, “Solving Climate Change: We Need a Tax on Currency Transactions.”

The Atlantic, September 27, 2011. Paul Epstein, “Food Security and Climate Change: the True Cost of Carbon.

The Atlantic, September 26, 2011. Paul Epstein, “Health and Climate Change: 7 Ways You are being Harmed.”

The Atlantic, July 8, 2011. Paul Epstein, “An Era of Tornadoes: How Global Warming Causes Wild Winds.”

ClimateWire, June 15, 2011. Dina Fine Maron, “Doctors Prepare their Professions to Explain and Treat Climate-related Symptoms.”

Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media, June 7, 2011. Lisa Palmer, “More Concerted Action on Public Health Coming from Medical Community Interests.”

Daily Climate, June 6, 2011. Douglas Fischer, “Charting a Planet’s Changing Rhythms, through a Physician’s Eyes.”

Reuters Health webcast, May 12, 2011. Live tweets: “Will Climate Change Make Us Sick?” Reuters Health story: “Climate Change Bringing Infection, Hunger, Illness.” Ran in many publications, including Yahoo! News, The Today Show website,, Chicago Tribune website, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and

Capital Times, Madison, Wisc., May 5, 2011. “Vital Signs: Global Warming is World’s Biggest Public Health Threat.”

Harvard Magazine, May-June 2011, “Off the Shelf.”

Climate Central, April 20, 2011. “Changing Planet Changing Health: Q&A with Dr. Paul Epstein.”

Allentown Morning Call, Pennsylvania. April 19, 2011.  Alisa Bowman, “Four Surprising Ways a Sick Planet Creates Sick People.”

Deseret News, Salt Lake City, April 16, 2011, roundup.

St. Petersburg Times, Florida. April 17, 2011. “Notable: Earth Day.”

NUVO, Indy’s Alternative Voice. April 2011. Tyler Falk, “Climate Change, Health and the Economy.” Interview with Dr. Epstein.

Huffington Post, April 8, 2011. Epstein and Ferber, “The Biggest Global Health Threat of the 21st Century.”

The Atlantic, March 14, 2011. Daniel Fromson, “A Conversation With Paul Epstein, Climate and Health Researcher.”


The Black Sheep Dances, June 29, 2011. Review by Amy, “Changing Planet, Changing Health.”

Healthy Imagination, June 24, 2011. Dan Ferber, “Solutions to the Health Challenges of Global Warming.”

SciBlogs, May 23, 2011. Bryan Walker, “Changing Planet, Changing Health.”

Save Planet, April 4, 2011. Zachary Shahan, “Climate Change & Health: Q&A.”

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