“This eye-opening book reveals how climate change alters patterns of disease and contributes to many of the world’s most serious human health threats.”
Taste For Life Magazine

“In the book Changing Planet, Changing Health, Epstein, a medical doctor with Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment, and journalist Dan Ferber crisscross the planet to muck about in the trenches of various climate-related health crises.”  Read more.
—Conservation Magazine

“Epstein describes and explains the links between climate change and spreading health risks, employing a narrative form that is semiautobiographical rather than conventionally scientific.” Read more.
—American Scientist

“Changing Planet, Changing Health takes us to a host of places where the effects of climate change can already be observed—not only through now-familiar indicators such as extreme weather events, drought, flooding, and species decline, but also by the resulting impacts on human health.” Read more.
Health News Digest

“In Changing Planet, Changing Health, Paul Epstein, MD, and Dan Ferber address the complex links between climate change and cholera, malaria, Lyme disease, asthma and other health threats.” Read more.

“. . . physician Paul Epstein and science journalist Dan Ferber offer stories of undaunted curiosity and strenuous commitment to finding the roots to public health dilemmas facing the planet and its peoples.”  Read more.
National Catholic Reporter

“One of the best examples we have yet seen regarding the effective communication of climate change issues . . . .” Read more.

“An eye opener . . . ” Read more.
Publisher’s Weekly

“If ever there was a book that ought to be on everybody’s reading bucket list this is it. But read it now rather than later since health and global environment expert Epstein and award-winning science journalist Ferber believe there is still, albeit limited, time to begin mitigating the effects of human actions on the changing climate.” Read more.
Booklist (starred review).

“A harrowing look at the road ahead that should urge immediate, proactive change.” Read more.
Kirkus Reviews

“Because human health is ‘the bottom line’ at which the many adverse consequences of climate change will converge, Changing Planet, Changing Health is an excellent corrective for climate-change myopia.” Read more – subscription only.

“Using real-life cases and a historical perspective, Changing Planet, Changing Health makes it clear that the health threats from climate change are here, and need immediate coordinated effort to keep in check.” Read more.
— E—The Environmental Magazine

Selected in the Top 10 Best “Climate Crisis” Books by Global Warming